A downloadable game for Windows

The Physics are out of any Control, becouse GMTK corrupted the world with a Machine that make everything "Out of Con...", im soryy I mean "Out of Physics".

If you find Bugs/Glitches or have ideas that may fir the game realy well,, then tell them in the Commands.

The Game is in Development and we Upload an Fixed Version of this Game wiht some more Features.

By NextLegacyYT and El_Tigere

Install instructions

  1. Download the .zip File below
  2. Go to your Download Folder and Right Click the .zip File
  3. Than Click on "Extract all" 
  4. Than a Window may pop out, if it does click on "Extract"
  5. Open the new Folder, then they shoold be annouther Folder and Click again on that Folder
  6. Now There should be an File that is called "GMTK Game Jam 2020.exe" this is the start File for the Game, so if you click on it the game Starts
  7. And Becouse we did no way to close the File "normal", you need to do the normal way: ALT + F4
  8. Have Fun! :D
  9.  And do not go Out of Physics! xD ok this was Lame haha :D


Out Of Physics.zip 22 MB

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